25 The Facts About Death Row

Death row

Death row is a state of prisoners who are sentenced to die as a result of committing hilarious crimes. It is practiced by several countries including United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. In this article, we will be giving you 25 mysterious facts about death row.

1. Not everyone is proven guilty.


Out of 1,400 people sentenced to death in the United States, an alarming statistics of 151 people were executed and are later on found innocent. Some people served the prison for 30 years before being acquitted. Can you imagine spending 30 years in jail for false accusations?

2. Age is just a number.


From the record, Viva Leroy Nash is the oldest person in a death row. He committed robbery, attempted murder and stealing vehicles since 15. He died at age 93 and suffered from dementia.

3. He served the most extended service in prison.


Gary Alvord served 40 long years on death row in Florid because of murder. He got diagnosed as schizophrenic which caused the delay of his execution. He died from natural causes instead of being executed.

4. Firing Squad as a tool for killing


Execution by firing squad was one of the methods used in the United States, especially in Utah until 2010. People will be lined up against a wall with guns and will aim at the person to be executed. Others take shots, all at once while others stop firing as soon as somebody already shot a bullet in the criminal.

5. Death hanging as one of the most inhumane methods of killing


Death by Hanging is an execution method where the person should place their necks in a ligature that will result in an opening of a door. As the door opens, the prisoner will slowly die of strangulation and resulted in a painful death that lasts fifteen to twenty minutes. It is the most common method used in the United States before the year 1890. Up until today, it is still used in Washington, although there’s also an option for lethal injection and other execution methods for its procedure issues.

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