25 Popular Women From 1980s Then & Now?

Popular Women

There are a lot of talented and gorgeous women in Hollywood. But it takes more than the face, body, and talent to get the longevity that everyone wants in this business. You have to be extra special to keep a career in showbiz for a very long time. And these women definitely have what it takes. Here are the great actresses in Hollywood from the ‘80s who are still active in the business.

1. Meryl Streep


Then: Streep started performing on Broadway in the ‘70s. Her first film called “Deadliest Season” debuted in 1977. She got her first awards in the Golden Globes and the Academy for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance as Joanna in the movie “Kramer v Kramer”

Now: Celebrated as one of the greatest actresses in history, Streep now has the record of the most nominations for an actress in the Academy Awards, in which she won three of them.

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