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25 Mysterious Places Not Everyone Is Allowed To See

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The world has existed long enough to hold it’s own secrets and mysteries. There are places where no one is allowed to see because of the possible dangers it upholds as well as the secrets not everyone is entitled to know.

Let me take you on a trip to some of the world’s most mysterious and forbidden places.

1).  Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum, Ethiopia

Ethiopia-Axum-Church-CovenantIt is well known that St. Mary of Zion is where they crown Ethiopian royalty. This church is said to carry the original tablet of the Ten Commandments written by God. It is called the Ark of the Convent.
Research claims that there is a church somewhere in Ethiopia where weaponed monks guard it. The head monk, sworn to confine his whole life to this church until he dies, is the only person who can view the biblical treasure.


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