25 Famous Women Who Never Married


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21. Helena Bonham Carter



English actress Helena Bonham Carter split from Tim Burton after 13 years of being together. The couple had two children together but was never married. Helena told the world that she would never marry because she wanted to focus more on her work.

22. Chelsea Handler



Famous TV star, Chelsea Handler once uttered a controversial statement that marriage was equivalent to murder. She did go back on her words later and changed her stance on marriage. However, we doubt if she would ever walk down the aisle!

23. Kristin Davis



Melrose Place actress Kristin Davis has a full-fledged career, an adopted daughter and animal rights work to keep her hands full. She said that she had no time for marriage and that she was happy in her personal space.

24. Marisa Tomei



Marisa Tomei won the prestigious Oscar at a young age. In spite of early success and bundles of talent, she decided to stay single. She also wondered why women needed a husband and kids to complete their existence. Quite deep, indeed!

25. Monica Lewinsky



It is quite unfortunate that Monica Lewinsky is known more for her previous affair with the then US President, Clinton, than for her volunteering and charity works, but that’s the way life goes! After this controversial phase in her life, Lewinsky decided not to get married ever and is an active participant to stop cyberbullying today.
The feeling of love or care cannot be influenced by marriage, as most of these stories tell us, isn’t it? A legal certificate or a lavish ceremony cannot determine the extent of your love for your partner. In the end, marriage is a personal choice, and people can choose it if they are ready to provide a lifetime commitment to their spouses.