25 Famous Women Who Never Married


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16. Harper Lee



She might have had a successful professional career being the author of one of the bestselling books ever, To Kill a Mockingbird. However, Harper Lee had a very secretive personal life – a life that not many people had access to. She never married anybody in her life though she did date a few men.

17. Jane Austen



Jane Austen is the woman who gave us the unforgettable classic, Pride & Prejudice. It is believed that Austen fell in love with Tom Lefroy but couldn’t marry him for various reasons. This left her disheartened, and she never married anybody else in her lifetime.

18. Elizabeth I of England



Being the last queen of the Tudor Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth I of England chose to remain a virgin her entire life for the bright future of her country. She ruled for forty years, and her country experienced stability, thanks to her selfless decision.

19. Susan Anthony



One of the earliest feminist and revolutionaries that America had ever seen, Susan Anthony, was against men having the upper hand in marriage. She always lobbied for women’s rights and never married anybody.

20. Dare Wright



Dare Wright was not only an author but a world-famous model and photographer. After the love of her life, a pilot was killed, she chose to remain single all her life, before dying a lonely death in her apartment.

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