25 Famous Women Who Never Married


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6. Diane Keaton



Famous American actress, Diane Keaton, has had her share of boyfriends (famous ones at that!) in her life. In her 60s, she admitted that she enjoyed her affairs with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Jack Nicholson. She also stated that she wasn’t prepared to commit to one person due to which she never felt the desire to get married.

7. Oprah Winfrey



The Queen of Television, Oprah Winfrey has been in a steady relationship with boyfriend, Stedman Graham for over three decades now. However, she has admitted that both of them never want to get married because that could cause problems in their relationship.

8. Sarah Silverman



Talented comedienne Sarah Silverman has been an outspoken personality always. While talking about marriage, she admitted that though she doesn’t have anything against the concept of marriage, she felt that she was not cut-out for the same.

9. Goldie Hawn



Goldie Hawn, the blonde beauty and one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood has been in a relationship with Kurt Russell for many decades. The couple has four children together. However, Goldie and Kurt don’t believe in the concept of marriage as it doesn’t add any value to their long-term relationship.

10. Marie Louise Parker



Mary Louise Parker was seven months pregnant with her son when her partner, Billy Crudup left her for Claire Danes. However, the actress chose to take things in her stride and went on to adopt a girl from Ethiopia. Today, she is happy with her work and children.

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