25 Famous Women Who Never Married


Today, women are independent and powerful in their respective careers. Gone are the days when it was considered imperative for women to marry. Marriage is no more considered to give security to women and here is a list of 25 successful women who never married in their lives. These are examples to prove that marriage that it wasn’t compulsory for women to get married.

1. Dana Delany



The Desperate Housewives Actress, Dana Delany never married in her life because she was busy with her professional commitments. She admitted that she was open to marriage only when she turned 50. She wanted a man who was kind and had a good sense of humor, but we feel that she waited for too long. Didn’t she?

2. Kimberly Stewart



Model, fashion designer, socialite and famous American reality TV star, Kimberly Stewart had a one-night stand with Benicio Del Toro and gave birth to a daughter later on. However, she never married Benecio or anyone else because she wanted to settle down in her life first. She wanted to calm down her wild lifestyle before thinking of a stable life that included husband and kids.

3. Naomi Watts



The talented actress, Naomi Watts, may have been in long-term relationships with two famous men in the world of entertainment – Heath Leger and Liev Shriber. Though she was engaged to Liev, she was against the concept of marriage. Even with Heath, she was always quoted saying that it was perfectly alright with her to not have a marriage certificate in her life.

4. Mindy Kaling



American actress, comedian, and writer, Mindy Kaling, has openly admitted that she is quite self-centered and doesn’t want to play second fiddle to any man in her life. While she was younger, she did have her fantasies about getting married, but when she matured, she started focusing on her work. Today, she feels that she has so much of work in her hand that there is no room for anybody else in her life.

5. Anita Hill



The famous US attorney, Anita Hill, became famous when she opposed Clarence Thomas in one of her cases. Though she has a long-time boyfriend, she decided not to get married because she didn’t see any special meaning to her relationship because of a certificate.


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