25 Facts You Hardly Know About Adolf Hitler

Hitler Facts

The Nazi dictator who was once the man behind the death of six million Jewish people during the Holocaust is perhaps one of the most documented people in history. Even then, there are still facts that you probably do not know about him, including these 25 facts.

1. He admires Henry Ford.


If his frequent mention of Henry Ford in his speeches is not enough proof of this, perhaps the traditional birthday gifts that he sends to the business mogul would cement this fact.

2. May 1, 1945, was the day he died.


It was the same day when Osama Bin Laden was pronounced dead 66 years later.

3. Hitler was abused as a child.


His father Alois was an illegitimate son of an unmarried woman who grew up to be a drunkard and a philanderer. More than, he was also a very violent, and there were instances that he would beat his wife and his children, including Hitler.

4. He had a vicious plan for Moscow.


Hitler’s schemes were always unusual, but the one that should be on the top of the list is his plan for Moscow. Sources reveal that he had always wanted to bury the whole of the city under a human-made lake.

5. Hitler is an egomaniac.


His high appreciation of himself made him believe that every woman finds him to be extremely attractive. This also made him very secretive of his relations.

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