21. Pikachu the only electric Pokemon owned by Ash.


There are fifty other electric type Pokemon, but Ash only owned Pikachu. It is unbelievable that after so many seasons, Ash did not catch a single electric type Pokemon other than Pikachu. Maybe the creators did not want fuss or jealousy between the entire relationship of these two.

22. They failed in changing Pikachu’s name to Mandarin.


Look at how much the Pokemon fans value Pikachu’s name. They protested for a possibility of changing Pikachu’s name to Mandarin or Cantonese version. All these fusses are for the sole purpose of preserving the cute name given to the lovely electrifying rat in the anime series.

23. Pikachu did not want to evolve.


Three levels of evolution can happen into a Pikachu. When a Pichu is thrilled, it can transform into being a Pikachu, and when a Pikachu hits a Thunderstone, it will evolve to a Raichu. In the animated series, Ash’s Pikachu has all the opportunity to develop into a Raichu but just let a thunderstone pass through him. It is believed that they wanted to prove that a Pikachu can be powerful even without the evolution. Besides, the merchandise designs need to change the moment he evolved, right?

24. Pikachu and Meowth is the Pokemon version of Tom and Jerry.


A classic cat and mouse relationship can be observed in the series. The endless hunt of Meowth to Pikachu together with the Team Rocket makes sense knowing that they are mortal enemies even in natural food chains of animals. Also, their Pokedex numbers are the direct opposite of each other which is 52 and 25 respectively.

25. Pikachu appeared in a cartoon, the Simpsons.


Pikachu is not only popular to human, but also to cartoon character like Bart Simpsons. He is spotted to watch Pikachu where Ash asked Pikachu to get the Crystal Life Ball.

Pikachu is not just a cute, active Pokemon that becomes a part of everyone’s childhood. There are so many fans who grew up with the Pokemon series over time. Its influences are scattered all around the world and undoubtedly becomes a wide-range fandom. With these facts at hand, Pikachu becomes more lovable. Do you have more exciting information about Pikachu that is not mentioned above? Put them in the comments and do not forget to share this with your Pokemon buddies. We can’t wait for your responses.