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16. Pikachu can be found on a Niue dollar coin.


Now, Pikachu’s worth can be seen in money. A Pacific Island nation in Niue produced a one dollar coin of Pikachu. They are huge fans despite the 1190 population and total land area of 100 square miles. The coin is released last 2001 together with Meowth, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. You can buy them on eBay for over $1300 each coin. You should add this to your Pokemon collection.

17. A city is also named after Pikachu.


Mayor Joan Wagnon renamed the city of Topeka into ToPikachu for a day. They might be in for the trend of Pokemon’s popularity way back in 1998. He successfully leads the fans and boosts tourism in his city. Up until today, the town is linked as a haven to Pokemon fans in the world. Unfortunately, when they decided to join the google hit on 2010 and change the city’s name to Google, Kansas for a month, they got hate responses and withdrew the announcement.

18. Pikachu recharges electricity while sleeping.


We all know that Pikachu’s extraordinary power is emitting electricity. That cute red circle in his cheeks has a purpose, and it is not solely to be physically attractive. Pikachu used them as pouches for storing electricity while sleeping. They can also recharge other Pikachu if needed. Try to observe how they discharge excess power upon waking up through yawning.

19. Pikachu can learn how to fly and surf


You might be laughing knowing the fact that a mouse can learn how to fly and surf but this is no joke. It sets Pikachu apart from other non-flying Pokemon as he can adapt to learn it. They can be taught these techniques by turning on the Pokewalker to gain points and access Yellow Forest.

20. Pikachu couldn’t learn Thunderbolt on his own.


Thunderbolt is a signature technique of Ash to request for Pikachu, together with Thunder, Thunder wave, and Thundershock. He can only learn by using TM24 or learn it when you are already in level 26.