11. Ash’s Pikachu has a name in the manga.


In the manga, Ash introduced Pikachu by the name Jean Luc Pikachu. When the Pikachu is franchised, the name was abandoned quickly. Pikachu is now Pikachu and is much more recognized with the general term.

12. Ash already experienced how to be a Pikachu.


The hat makes it less confusing to which is which. If you think Ash only trains Pikachu without knowing how it feels to be a Pokemon, then you are wrong. An episode where Ash received a spell and becomes a Pikachu was aired. He is called Ashachu. Although the spell is reversed on the following episode, the fans are surprised by this plot twist and never repeated.

13. Atsuko Nishida designed Pikachu.


The Pokemon franchise is made by Game Freak and is published by Nintendo by the year 1996. Atsuko Nishida is the one responsible for designing Pikachu together with the other species of Pokemon. The design is finalized by Ken Sugimori who conceived the Game Freak development team.

14. Pikachu is obsessed with Ketsup.


It feels so weird that a mouse is obsessed with ketchup than cheese. Catsup is the favorite condiment of Pikachu which is showed in some episodes of the animated series. He is also seen eating apples and red berries. Maybe the real deal is his fondness for red colored foods. Nobody knows why but it is cute seeing a yellow lightning rat hugging a battle of red catsup like a child’s favorite lollipop, right?

15. Protein is named after Pikachu.


It is not surprising to know that people name their pets after this famous rat but naming a protein found in the human body is beyond shocking. This newly discovered human protein is named Pikachurin. This protein transmits electrical impulses from the brain to the human eyes and plays a vital role in congenital muscular dystrophies.

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