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6. Pikachu is undoubtedly strong.


Beating two legendary Pokemon is no easy task. People argued and labeled him the strongest Pokemon but seemed puzzled why some Pokemon defeats Raichu, the evolved version of Pikachu. This argument is left with one logical explanation that tells how good Ash is a trainer.

7. Pikachu merchandise is found all over the world.


We already talked about how expensive a Pikachu card is, and it will be expected to find Pikachu merchandises wherever we go. A plane painted with Pikachu is spotted at London Heathrow Airport, Pikachu cars, hats, clothes, keychains, school buses, helmets and much more. Could you believe that Pikachu can be seen on surgical masks, condoms, and menstrual pads too? Let’s talk about the demand and supply.

8. Pikachu’s diet is working.




Did you observe this change in Pikachu’s physical appearance over time? The first Pikachu launched in the year 1998 is fat than the previously released Pikachu. However, more people prefer the chubby version of Pikachu as they think it is cuter than the Pikachu today. They did not explain why this is happening. Some people concluded that it is efficient for Pikachu to move and fight if he is slim. He lost thirteen pounds. Maybe he is hitting the gym on weekends.

9. It is easy to distinguish male from female Pikachu.


They become successful in branding Pikachu as a mascot that is relatable to all genders. You might be surprised that it is so easy to know a Pikachu’s gender. Look closely at its tail. A straight edge tail is possessed by male Pikachu while the female has a cut in theirs which is comparable to a heart shape.

10. Pokemon Go is a hit game where Pikachu can be used as starter Pokemon.


Initially, only Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle are used as starters in Pokemon Games. The newest game application named Pokemon Go where you can catch Pokemon from your environment can handle Pikachu as a starter Pokemon. Some players considered this as a cheat since, in the previous games, you need to work hard to obtain a Pikachu, whereas in Pokemon Go, all you need to do is to run to four starting options repeatedly and a Pikachu will spawn for you to take.