24 Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know About Coca-Cola

24 Facts

You think you already know your favorite drink? Here are some of the truths behind the Coca Cola company and its different products you didn’t know that will blow your mind.

1.) There Are Two Very Significant People In The Coca Cola Company


Besides the CEO and board members, there are two other people in the company who serves important duties. These two men are the only individuals who know the recipe for the coke product.

2.) Coke Is Tasty But Very Acidic


Do you feel a little pain whenever you drink coke? Does it linger in your throat when you drink it? That is because it is rich in acid. The acid is so high it can be used to remove rusts in metals.

3.) The Color Of The Coca Cola Is Not The Same Red Hue You See


You probably have thought that the color of Coca Cola is just the same red hue like the other brands. But, no, it is a particular red that the company carefully selected and maintained.

4.) There Are Two Countries Where Coca Cola Products Are Not Allowed


It is insane to think that there are two nations which banned the famous brand. But, it is true, North Korea and Cuba are two different countries who don’t allow coke to be sold to anyone.

5.) Coca Cola Product Originally Contained Cocaine


The original coca cola product was found to contain cocaine. The company subscribes into a particular trade to be able to import dried coca leaves from Peru to the United States of America.

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