20 Celebrity Wives You Forgot About


Behind every successful man, there is a woman, goes a famous saying. It is not always that we get to know about this woman. Sometimes, she loves to be in the spotlight. Most other times, she loves to be a silent spectator of her husband’s success. Here, we are going to see twenty such women, who have celebrity husbands and still remain almost forgotten to the world.
1. Elsa Pataky


If that name didn’t seem recognizable, here is her husband’s name – Chris Hemsworth! Surprised, isn’t it? Being the wife of such a huge celebrity, this model-cum-actress-cum film produced chose not to be in in the spotlight. The couple has three lovely children and they make a happy family together.
2. Lola Van Wagenen


Though she was the wife of one of Hollywood’s handsome heartthrobs, Robert Redford, Lola Van Wagenen chose to maintain a silent profile. The two married secretly in 1958 and got divorced in 1985. They had four children together and not many people know about Wagenen even now.

3. Diahnne Abbott

3Abbott married Robert De Niro during 1976 when he was one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. The couple was married for a good 12 years before they decided to get divorced. They had two children and Abbott did try to hide as much as she could from the spotlight.
4. Camila Alves McConaughey

4Camila Alves was a beautiful model when she married Mathew McConaughey, the famous actor. Though the couple dated for five years, Camila ensured that she wasn’t in the news always. She never tried to cash in on the popularity of her star husband. Today, the couple has three wonderful kids.

5. Kelly Preston

Wife of one of Hollywood’s iconic stars, John Travolta, Kelly Preston stands like a huge pillar of support behind her husband. The couple married in 1991 and had three children together. They lost one of their sons, Jett, to an accident and since then the Travoltas have set up a trust in their son’s name to help needy children.

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