20 Celebrities and Their Very Attractive Siblings

20 Celebs

We live in a world where a family like the Kardashians dominates our everyday life. But not every celebrity family is as open book as the lives of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. Although there are a lot of famous celebrity sibs in the business, some are not so keen about exposing their family to the public eye – no matter how attractive or talented they may be.

1.Jennifer Lopez and sister Lynda Lopez

jennifer lopez

Not a lot of people in Hollywood are successful in both the Movie and the Music industries; but J-Lo is one of the very few who made it big as a singer and an actress – not to mention staying gorgeous and amazingly fit after all these years. But while Jenny from the block is so popular, her sister Lynda is keeping it low profile. Although, Jennifer is very vocal about her appreciation towards her sister for being an incredible single mom.

2.The Olsen Twins and a Sister


On top of the famous Hollywood twins list are Mary-Kate and Ashley. But even their fans are surprised to know about their equally attractive and talented sister, Elizabeth. Lizzie has been appearing in films since 2011 in her first role in ͞Silent House͟ but she became popular with her latest appearance in the 2015 film Avenger: Age of Ultron as Scarlet Witch.

3.Willow and Jaden Smith͛s brother, Trey


Everyone knows Will Smith͛s children Jaden and Willow but his first son Trey doesn͛t share the same popularity. But Trey is not exactly as bashful as you͛d imagined. He did pursue a career in Music and released some of his own songs but it didn͛t quite catch on yet.

4.Emma͛s hunk brother, Alex


Emma Watson is such a beloved personality that it isn͛t a surprise how huge her following is on social media. She has such a magnetic charm that even girls ask for a boy version of him –something that God answered in the form of her charming brother, Alex. They look so much alike that their similarities are quite uncanny even for siblings. Lucky for us, Alex decided to pursue a modeling career.

5.Brad͛s brother

brad and doug pitt

There’s nothing worse than having a famous Hollywood star for a brother – or at least, Doug Pitt thinks so. Don͛t get him wrong, he is extremely proud of his brother and thinks Brad is such an amazing actor. But after hearing the same questions over and over for more than 20 years, it does get annoying. This is why Doug likes to stay hidden from the public eye as much as he can.

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