15 Mysterious Bermuda Triangle Disappearances

Bermuda Triangle

One of the most intriguing mysteries revealed in the world is that of those that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. As there several headline-friendly monikers that have been associated with the 700,000 square-kilometer (270,000 square-mile) swathe of ocean, such as Limbo of the Lost, Hoodoo Sea, and the Devil’s Triangle, so has thousands of air and sea vessels went missing once they hit the mysterious spot. Here are 15 of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle disappearances that made headlines in the past.

1. Ellen Austin.


The American schooner, Ellen Austin, was a huge multi-masted ship that weighs more than 1800 tons and was 210 feet long. It went missing during one of its trips between New York and London in 1881 in the triangle. It was never seen again.

2. The USS Cyclops.


One of four Proteus-class colliers that was built for the United States Navy before World War I, The USS Cyclops went off the grid with its 306 crew and passengers sometime after March 4, 1918, while it was en route to Baltimore from Barbados. None of the ship and the crew were ever found.

3. Flight 441.

Flight 441 was one of the famous aircrafts of its time. It is said that the plane can cross the Atlantic in less than nine hours. However, on October 30, 1954, it vanished with 42 passengers, including naval officers and their families, while it’s on its way to Lajes in the Azores Islands. The last transmission recorded indicated that the plane went missing when it was about 400 miles off the coast of the Bermuda Triangle.

4. Flight DC-3.


A Douglas DC-3 aircraft went missing with 32 passengers on board on December 29, 1948, while on its way to Miami, Florida from San Juan, Puerto Rico. No trace of either the plane nor the crew were ever reported ever since.

5. Star Tiger.


Tudor IV “Star Tiger” had flown more than 500 hours during its 11 transatlantic flights without any incident report when it disappeared on January 30, 1948, while en route to Bermuda from the Azores. No wreckage or bodies were ever found.

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