15 Incredible Bicycle Concepts Of The Future

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With the constant growth of technology, not only the automobile industry is expected to see a plethora of sophisticated cars in the market, but the biking industry is also set to witness a revolution in the future. Bikes are all set to become classy, technical and completely innovative in the next few years if articles from experts are to be believed. Listed below are 15 incredible bicycle concepts that will evolve in a few years.

1. Intelligent Bike Concept



Convened by Chris Boardman, the Intelligent Bike Concept is sure to blow your minds away. The sports bike sans spokes comes with an onboard computer, a fingerprint scanner for automatic unlocking and motor that runs with the help of solar power. We cannot wait for this beauty to be produced soon, can we?

2. Eco 07 Compatible Urban Bike



This eco-friendly superbike has been designed by Victor Aleman. Made from simple but sophisticated technology, this superbike can be dismantled within seconds. The tools/components that are used to build this bike can be easily stored in a briefcase so that you can assemble your cycle whenever and wherever you want to.

3. iBike



If you thought that the iBike came from the stables of Apple just like the iPad and iPhone, you are wrong. Though this bike has got nothing to do with Apple, its technological brilliance is indeed quite similar to the simple yet sophisticated system found on most of Apple’s devices. This superbike can charge your phone in the most eco-friendly way possible while you are on the move.

4. Wire Bike Concept



Designed by Lonut Predescu, this super bike’s theme is influenced by the simple suspension bridge. The highlight of this luxury sports bike is that it is extremely lightweight but robust and durable at the same time. Combined with great exteriors as well, this superbike is sure to attract millions of people.

5. City Pedelec 24/7



Designed by Philip Guenther, the City Pedelec 24/7 is not only classy but a comfortable bike as well. With an inbuilt motor, brightly colored tires and seats, compact design of wires and cables and a basket for storing essentials, the City Pedelec aims to become one of the most chosen rented bikes in a year.


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